Moving: The E-Co Way

This article will give you good tips on how you can keep your move environmentally friendly and also save money.

Eco-boxesWhere To Start

When you begin to prepare for your move, you can use technology instead of paper for making your lists. There are free phone apps you can use for this. Also, use electronic communication during your search for a moving company.

Environmentally friendly Packing

Boxes should be a very environmentally friendly part of your moving supplies. After your move, you can recycle your boxes or give them away.

Eco Boxes For Moving

You have the option to rent plastic boxes and not only are they environmentally friendly. The handles on them make them much easier to carry plus they are much sturdier and also water resistant , which will help protect your belongings.

Plastic boxes do not congregate, dust , and they can be reused over and over again . many times.

Moving Day Etiquette

Moving day is no fun. All the hours you spent packing and getting ready for the movers to arrive. Then, when the movers to arrive, you have to deal with the stress of worrying about your possessions getting to your new home without damage.

In the middle of all this stress it is easy to overlook or forget some small but important details.

This is why you should always put together a checklist of reminders. Creating a detailed list for moving day will help ensure you have not overlooked or forgotten something very important. This will give you less to worry about on the day of your move so you can focus your attention more on things like what the movers are doing, are your possessions safe, etc.

You should also consider the last impression you will make on your neighbors. You can be courteous them by making sure their driveways are not blocked and making sure the street is not blocked so they can come and go as needed unhindered. You should also try and make sure the movers do not attempt any shortcuts through your neighbors lawns or flower beds as this can cause heated resentment for no reason.


If it is possible for you to choose the time of your move you should always try to schedule it between the hours of 9 AM and 10 AM on the weekdays. Your neighbors will probably be on their way to work at this time so you will not wake them up and disturbed them.

When you’re things are all loaded and the moving process is at an an end, make sure you remember to look for and pick up any debris that may have fallen anywhere around your house.

One last thing to remember is to clean up your old house as much as possible, leaving it reasonably presentable.

Before the day of your move you should try and remember anyone you may have made duplicate key copies for as a safety precaution.


It is a good idea to always keep your pets separated and away from all the commotion of moving or even better if possible, let your pet stay with a family member or a trusted friend. This is a safety precaution for your pet.

For The Movers:

It is good moving etiquette and courteous to have some refreshments or maybe some snacks ready for your movers and also always show your appreciation to your movers with a standard tip of £25 per person for a job well done.


These are just a few basic guidelines on moving etiquette and moving courtesy.

How To Save When Moving!

This article will give you some good tips on how you can save money when you are moving to a different location.

Moving Personal Items

saving-money-movingIf you have any clothing you haven’t worn in several years, there’s a good Chance you probably will not wear them again. This is your perfect chance to give them away or donate them to a charity. This will give you less things to pack up and worry about and will make your move a little bit easier.

Before you begin your final packing. You should take any items have not been used in years and probably will not use again and give them away or donate them also. This will save you both time and money with your move.

As you are packing and going through all the rest of your things, make sure to check out your other possessions by looking in boxes, drawers, and cupboards. Anything that is worn out or broken should be gotten rid of.

Saving Money Packing

As you are searching through your older things , make sure you save any cardboard storage boxes, blankets, towels, box, newspapers, and magazines. These can be used later for packing and will save you from having to buy any extra packing and packing materials. Your electronics or furniture can be wrapped with blankets and towels. Your glassware and dishware can be wrapped with old newspapers or magazines.

If you’re having friends, family, or neighbors, who had just moved, talk to them and ask them if they would lend you any extra packing materials they may have left over from there move.

Save On Moving Expenses

If you could disassemble some of your furniture in advance of your move, this will save you from having to pay a mover to do it. Movers will charge extra for disassembling furniture.


Following these tips will help you save money if you are relocating.